Fifa fun

Yet more football-related insanity yesterday. We decided to brave the official Fifa Fan Zone, a place covered in more sponsors than your average Grand Prix, but entertaining nonetheless. The atmosphere was a bit like being at a festival, except without annoying girls in straw hats and face paint dressed out of the Festival Fashion section of Topshop. The atmosphere is amazing and two hours before the game it is packed to the rafters, with people taking a zip line over the crowd and baile funk pumping out.

Some of the fans we were chatting to – well, singing and shouting with – had come up from Sao Paulo and insisted on us taking photos with their club flags and shirts. Luckily for us, Brazil comfortably won 3-1 despite the ever-present threat of Didier Drogba for the Ivory Coast.

I’ve got into the habit of going to the same coffee place every day, while I work out my next move. Today I’ll be working out how to get to the house where I will be staying for a month while I do a TEFL course. Her name is Ana Lucia, she is “very friendly and talkative” and her mum, who lives next door, cooks amazing meals apparently. This is all sounding pretty good so far. It all makes me wonder why I never did something like this before. The area is ok too as I went there last week on an aborted attempt to go to see Cristo. As my college is further to the north of town, I was a bit worried about what it might be like if I was staying there too.

Other missions today: find some fresh milk rather than UHT, go to the post office and successfully use the facilities, attempt to get a mobile phone without having an ID number, unsure this last one is going to work.

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  1. It’s great to see a country that rellay gets behind even the most trivial of sporting accomplishments in the name of supporting the country. If this were the U.S., it would have maybe been a 5 second spot on Sportscenter, and it would also be a paragraph on the bottom of the sports page.U17s getting any press is amazing, and girls at that!Very nice win, but feel sorry for the Japanese girl that missed her kick.

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