It’s a dog’s life

All week I’ve been a lady of leisure, then this morning (Saturday, and the day following the England match), I have to get up early to do a job.

This man is the very nice Hans Rodriguez, who owns a pet shop around the corner from where I’m staying. The photo is courtesy of Fred Pacifico, a Rio-based photo journalist. Hans was telling me all about the football kits for dogs, which he has been selling by the truckload for this Cupa do Mundo. I hope for Hans’ sake, and mine, Brazil go all the way to the final.

Fred then told me about the chaos when Madonna came to town with Jesus. A similar panic was narrowly averted after Britney Spears Tweeted about being glad to be back in Brazil. For Rio folks, the Britney circus didn’t come to town that day, as she was in Sao Paulo for the recent fashion week. Not that Britney was too aware of where she was, let’s face it.

I blasted out today’s hangover with a walk around the Lagoa, this time armed with my camera, and some fresh coconut milk. It’s a dog’s life.

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