O futuro e agora

So now I’ve resigned, started learning Portuguese and begun the process of dismantling my life in this country.

I work for a celebrity weekly magazine in London, existing in an occasionally glamorous but more frequently naff, rarely friendly but usually ruthless world I am determined to leave behind.

I’m starting this blog, mostly as a diary and a record, and a way of keeping in touch with folks as I plan to start a new life teaching English in Brazil.

Hardly an original idea I know, but hopefully something in that fascinating country will be of interest. If it gives me the opportunity to enjoy writing again that’s a bonus. Right now, I’m wondering if it’s a crazy scheme, or if it will even happen at all. Living in Highgate has been idyllic in many ways, and I moved here when I was heartbroken after a split. It’s the first time in many years I’ve found somewhere to call “home.” I’ve had a few mornings waking up wondering if I really want to cut myself off from that sanctuary.

Funny to think that somewhere on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro will now become home.