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If ever there was a time to leave filthy tabloid journalism and in fact the entire country, it seems like now is a good one. If I was tired of defending my reputation when I lived in the UK that would be unbearable now.

Me with Dad of the Year, John Terry

I used to defend the methods of the press, especially when it came to celebrities. Anyone who works that closely with them gets to see enough hypocrisy to pretty much kill off sympathy. Such as the actress who sued a former employer of mine complaining about privacy, then used the money to pay for new boobs. Incidentally, she got the same fee for photos she posed for for a paparazzi chap, designed to look as though they were taken in a clandestine way. In fact, that reminds me of another actress who complained about us using the very photos she had been paid for in this way.

Having said all that, there is a cathartic effect to seeing people like Rupert Murdoch in the dock. All the time I was unhappily working in these snake pits, constantly dodging the knives that were aimed at my back, I felt it was my failing that I couldn’t adapt to that environment. Now it seems the general public thinks the same. Of course, the element of hypocritical outrage, so beloved of the tabloids themselves, is not lost on me. It’s like sausages – people want to eat them, but not to know where they came from. How did you think journalists were getting this information? If it wasn’t somebody’s phone being listened to, at the very least, it was a betrayal by someone they loved and trusted. Or a professional, spilling the confidential beans of medical records or criminal records. It seems lazy to say it now, but society gets the media it deserves. So it says something good about our society that people want a different kind of media.

In Brazil, the story is big, perhaps because people here like to see they haven’t got a monopoly on corruption. For this reason, Italy always seems to be in the news as well. I suppose it makes a change from the Royal Wedding.

Picture of me in my previous incarnation above.

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