A pão in the ass

Apologies for the lack of updates but I’m experiencing a bit of a shock to the system. After my days in Rocinha, drinking caipirinhas on the street with the King and watching any Copa do Mundo game I liked, the work begins.

At home I’m rarely saying any English words, and learning during the day how to teach English. The other night I couldn’t sleep for the amount of words flying around my head. I frequently wanted to get up and look them up in the dictionary or say them outloud, but just stopped myself.

There was much hilarity at Ana’s house when we looked at little statuettes of animals and had to say what they were in our own languages. I told them the word for chicken, but also that cock was the male. Then in Portuguese, I had to explain to them to be careful with this word. The only way I managed it was to say it was like pão (for bread) and the same word not delivered in a nasal way. I realised suddenly that, much as I talked about having a brief for a story, and accidentally said I have a prostitute, that I have been asking for cock with cheese at street stalls all this time.

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