Blame Mick Jagger

Well, I didn’t really expect much more from England in this World Cup, but I did think I’d be safe supporting Brazil. O Globo this morning announces ‘the end of the era of Dunga,’ and I think they are probably right.

As I enjoyed a few beers in Ipanema following the defeat, the streets were definitely less crowded but I couldn’t help but notice the Brazilians were magnanimous losers. If this had happened in England, especially Melo’s stamping disgrace, it’s hard not to imagine there would have been violence on the streets. Maybe I am too hard on my home country.

I do think Mick Jagger should stop going to games however. He was at both England v Germany and Brazil v Holland, and look what happened. From a story point of view, if nothing else, I was really hoping for a Brazil v Germany final or a Brazil v Argentina final. There are lots of Germans here and people of German descent. Still might be interesting to speak to them in the event of an (increasingly likely) German win for this Copa do Mundo. Bah.

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